2 Mai Paris is a mixed clothing brand made in France, based on upcycling values. The brand is playing with vintage fabrics, recycled material and canvas acquired in flea markets ; to create unique pieces with their own history

Alice Rio-derrey, artistic director of the brand was born on the « 2 Mai ».

2 Mai aims at proposing constantly reinvented garments and highlighting the value of the human work which went into it.

Alice Rio-Derrey, artisctic director of 2 Mai wishes to share her poetic vision of “real life” with you, to celebrate and glorify popular culture and to take you through an eclectic, uninhibited, blazing and embodied experience of fashion.

2 Mai appeals to each one’s sensibility by playing with memories and colors, by resonating with a multicultural community, sharing the love of hand-made quality and the poetry of singularity : a celebration of daily life.

Getting dressed in 2 Mai is a game re-inventing the rules. 2 Mai is playing up the fashion established codes, glorifying prints, reinterpreting kitsch by mixing it up with sportswear universe, and inviting you to a limitless journey constantly re-inventing itself !

The Varsity Jacket, now a timeless piece of the wardrobe, was the frst one presented by the brand and will remain 2 Mai’s iconic garment while paving the way for a collection that will expand over the years to come.

2 Mai was originally founded in collaboration with Benjamin Hanafi, born on a 2 Mai as well.