En Mai, fais ce qu’il te plaît…*

Our name is 2 Mai.
We are two friends, Alice Rio-Derrey and Benjamin Hanafi, who are sharing with you a venture, a creative explosion full of colour and life!
For you we have created a line of limited-edition women’s and men’s jackets, made in Troyes, France, from upcycled fabrics.
This is our way of creating clothing which is constantly reinvented, each article with its own history, conceived to remain with you over time and to live through yet more great moments.

We wish to share with you our poetic vision of ‘real life’ and celebrate pop culture by focusing on it through an eclectic, dazzling, complex-free form of fashion.
Dressing is a game for which we make the rules.  2 Mai shakes up the established codes, glorifies patterns and reinterprets kitsch by mixing it with sportswear style.

2 Mai is an adventure which would never have existed without others and we wish to make that clear.  By choosing a special production system and by highlighting the human adventure undertaken to produce a piece of clothing, 2 Mai has created a global concept. Welcome!

* French proverb = In May, do as you please…