2 Mai was born of a spontaneous creative impulse, the desire to create with the means available and with the help of the talented individuals around us.
It all began a few miles from Paris, in Troyes, where Alice was born.
Troyes was once home to a flourishing textile industry, with its jagged factory roofs and tall chimneys reaching towards the sky… factories which today are mostly deserted but which still contain stocks of outstanding fabrics waiting to be used.

In spring garage sales, we also found needlepoint canvases, works of art from the past. These extraordinary textiles, woven or embroidered in France years ago, were waiting for a new lease of life…
A constraint became an exceptional source of creativity for 2 Mai!

We decided then that each garment would be unique, with each one being designed according to whatever treasures were to be used to make it.  Once the textiles were used, there was no way to reproduce an identical article. 2 Mai is infinitely surprising!  Each piece of clothing tells a different story and highlights the value of the human work which went into it.

This design approach requires an adapted production method. Each garment is a new surprise, differing from the original model.

Edith and Nathalie led the way at Cyber Maille, one of the rare textile workshops still active in France.
Taking the best French textile skills from the past and present and applying them to a garment inspired by American culture: 2 Mai is an endless journey!  This original ‘varsity jacket’-style model will remain a flagship product for 2 Mai: sportswear reinterpreted through a surprising choice of fabrics.  2 Mai is progressing step by step and this first model is slowly opening the door to a collection which will expand over time.

By sharing our vision, we hope to allow others to express themselves with us. The spring blossoming celebrated by 2 Mai has inspired Kevin, a florist, to create exclusive floral compositions based on our style. The variety of patterns, textures and colours in our clothing has given Bilal and Juliette, photographers, the desire to immortalize them in their own way. This is a global concept which aims to spark inspiration in others and to feed our own imagination in a constant exchange with all forms of creativity.
2 Mai is a perpetually evolving platform full of promise and surprises, from us to you and with you! So let’s go!